It’s hard to believe that American Idol started almost two months ago, but here we are watching the Top 12 compete for the country’s votes! The producers of the show have decided to stick with their decision to embrace some broader themes this year, which means the contestants won’t be stuck with narrow topics like Motown or Billy Joel.

Tonight’s episode (March 5) is sure to bring some serious competition, as the contestants sing songs that remind themselves of “Home.” Though we’ve gotten to know the remaining contestants fairly well over the last few weeks, the personal theme promises to reveal more intimate sides of them than we’ve seen before.

Next to take the stage is Emily Piriz, the soulful 18-year-old from Miami, Florida. After going the emotional route last week with “Glitter in the Air,” Emily hopes to show an upbeat side of herself with “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez.

Of course, it’s always a risk to take on a song by one of the judges, and unfortunately, they seem torn by her performance. “I always close with that song, because it gets the crowd on their feet,” says J.Lo. “I can tell that’s what you were trying to bring to it and I thought you did a really great job. I loved it!”

Harry, however, has a different opinion. “I’ll just cut right to it. That song is like a big locomotive train coming down the track. You have to match the intensity of the train, otherwise you’re just going to be a passenger. You need to drive the train. The song and the production was too big for you.”

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