Wednesday has arrived yet again and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to be treated to another two-hour helping of American Idol! Last week, we watched as the country voted for the 10 contestants that will be hitting the road this summer on the Idol tour. Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to Ben Briley, and we’re sure to miss all the adorable things he says about his wife.

But this is reality television and the show must go on! Tonight (March 19), the remaining 10 contenders will perform songs from the Billboard Top 10. They’ve been tasked with choosing a song from 2010 to the present, which means we’ll really get to see how they handle popular, contemporary music. (It is what they’ll be singing if they win the competition, after all!)

Next up is Majesty Rose, who found herself in the bottom three last week for the very first time. She knows she needs to give an amazing performance to pull herself back up, so she decides to put a folksy spin on Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” While Majesty certainly delivers a solid rendition, the judges are still waiting to see the girl they knew in the beginning.

“Tonight I saw something in you that I’ve never seen, which was fear,” says Jennifer. “I feel like what happened last week really affected you, but you can’t let it do that when you’re out onstage. That’s part of show business. You are a great singer, but I never want to see that other girl ever again!”

Do you think Majesty deserves to make it to the Top 9? Sound off in the comments!