Well, we made it American Idol fans. We’ve officially arrived at the single digits for Season 13! Last week, we watched as the country said goodbye to MK Nobilette after she failed to overcome stage fright and deliver superstar performances. It was a hard hit, that’s for sure — not just because MK was talented, but because she made history as the show’s first openly gay contestant ever.

While it was tough to see her go, the show must go on! Tonight (March 26), the remaining 9 contenders will perform songs to the theme of “I’m With the Band.” They’ve been tasked with taking on tunes by rock royalty, as the live Idol band plays in the background.

Next to take the stage is CJ Harris, who’s definitely had his ups and downs throughout the competition. After wowing the judges two weeks ago with his his rendition of “Can’t You See,” he failed to impress with last week’s performance of “Invisible.” Taking the stage with “If It Hadn’t Been For Love” by The SteelDrivers, CJ only hopes that he can deliver a powerful and controlled rendition.

“I think this was a good choice for you,” says J.Lo following the performance. “I never get tired of hearing your voice, because you have such a unique sound. It started off good for me, but in the middle it got so off, and then at the end you brought me back in again. With you, it’s going to be about consistency.”

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