While we continue to sound off on who we think should go home each week on American Idol, this week it might be a matter of who will go home versus who actually should. It physically pains us to say this, but based on the performances we saw last night and even as of late, the person to see their Idol journey come to an end should be resident cutie pie Sam Woolf.

While others have shed their nerves and learned to really command the stage, Sam still seems like a deer caught in headlights. After getting heavily critiqued by the American Idol judges for his lack of stage presence, he needed to wow the audience last night. He had his chance, too, as he could have picked a song that allowed him to interact with the band. Instead, he just sat there in one place behind the mic — though we will say the lights on the ground were a nice touch for his song.

But here’s the thing: Sam seems to have the most active following of all of the Top 9 hopefuls! In fact, when it comes to Twitter followers, his lead over the others is staggering! Sam easily takes the cake with a whopping 46K followers, while Alex Preston is close behind with 35K. None of the others can even compete with these two in the world of social media. (With 18K followers — just over half of Alex’s — Jessica Meuse is the closest of the bunch.)

When you pair this impressive following with Sam’s rich vocals and emotional backstory (not to mention his appeal to teen girls, who are perhaps the most likely demographic to vote in the competition), we think we’ll probably be seeing Sam on the Idol stage for quite some time despite a bad performance.

So, that leaves us to our prediction. If you look at last night’s performance in combination with social media, the person most likely to go home on tonight’s American Idol results show is C.J. Harris. We thought his performance was one of the better ones he’s given, but the judges think his inability to sing on key is getting out of hand.

What do you think of our prediction? Who do you think will go home on tonight’s results show? Sound off in the comments!