And then there were 8. What better way to show the growth of this season’s American Idol hopefuls than to have them perform their audition songs again? This year’s contestants finally pulled off performances that we — and the judges — feel are nearly flawless, and for the first time this year, we wish they could all hang around for one more week.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the show works, and we’ve gotta say goodbye to someone during tonight’s elimination. Who’s it going to be? If we had to guess, we’re saying we’ll see CJ Harris perform his farewell song at the end of tonight’s episode.

Out of all the performances last night, CJ’s was probably the weakest. Although his second time around with The Allman Brothers’ “Soulshine” was worlds better than when we first heard his version at his audition, he just isn’t on par with the rest of the gang at this point.

He did get some pretty good feedback from the judges, though. “You know it was better than the first time you did it,” J.Lo told him as soon as the applause from the audience died down. “You felt it, we felt it.”

But Harry’s critique sounded a bit ominous… almost as if he’s predicting CJ will leave this week, too.

“I can tell that you’ve really been working on the things we’ve been talking about, specifically with me, it’s been pitch,” Harry said. “If you get a record deal — and I hope you will, 'cause you’re that good — you’re gonna go in the studio … If you don’t get that pitch together, they’re gonna autotune your voice and suck all the life out of it.”

As much as it breaks our heart to say it, we just don’t feel like CJ will be back next week. And when we imagine CJ’s super supportive girlfriend’s face when she finds out CJ’s going home after all these weeks of being so proud of him that it brings her to tears… we feel even worse.

Do you think our prediction is right, and that it’s the end of the road for CJ? Who do you think will go home tonight? Share your opinion with us below!