We’re enormous fans of Phillip Phillips, but it looks like we may have discovered the president of the P2 fan club. What’s more, he isn’t even old enough to buy his own CDs!

According to Mindy Brinton of Lakeland, Florida, her 3-year-old son Carter is Phillip’s biggest fan. In fact, he loves the American Idol champion so much, he’s memorized the words to many of his songs and gives daily concerts in their living room.

“He sings on his stage, which is really just my coffee table,” Mindy explained to Good Morning America.

Though Mindy reveals that Carter is a “seasoned performer” and has “shown an interest in doing that since he was 18 months old,” nothing compares to how excited he gets when it comes to Phillip Phillips.

“I work weekend nights,” Mindy continued. “My husband would be home with the kids and he noticed whenever [Phillip’s coronation] song ‘Home’ came on, he’d suddenly stop fussing.”

Ever the supportive parents, the Brintons have encouraged Carter to keep giving his live performances, even filming them to post on YouTube. One video in particular shows Carter rocking out on a mini-guitar while singing along to “Raging Fire.”

We wouldn’t normally hand over the title of Phillip’s Biggest Fan so easily, but Carter’s so adorable we don’t even mind!