We’re getting down to the wire on American Idol, so let those predictions of who will win Season 13 roll in! We’ve already weighed in with our own opinion — so has judge Jennifer Lopez — and now it’s Keith Urban’s turn to give us a little insight into where he sees this competition going.

Much like J.Lo, Keith says it’s way too early to call at this point, saying it's truly anybody’s game.

“I don’t really know at this stage,” Keith admitted in a recent interview with Broadway World. “I don’t have a personal front-runner because we’ve already seen, for me, the surprise of who ends up in the bottom three each week, and it’s not really been consistent.”

Keith has a point — this season has been unlike any other in that we truly have no idea how this season could play out. We’ve yet to see just one contestant rise leaps and bounds above the others — and nobody’s constantly flubbed up week after week, either. While Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson clearly show the most natural, easy talent, the rest of the group is really good at taking the judges’ criticism to heart and using it to improve each week.

“What makes the show interesting for me from week to week right now is anybody can be the front-runner,” Keith added. “So it’s going to be interesting to see who’s in the top three, let alone one and two. I really don’t know who that will be.”

Is Keith right, or do you think it’s easy to see who the winner will be?

Source: Broadway World