We’re almost down to a handful of contestants on Season 13 of American Idol, which means the competition is the fiercest it’s been since we started back in January. Instead of the usual duet performances we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks, the hopefuls will be taking on two songs apiece. It’s sure to be an interesting challenge, as the numbers will be strikingly different from each other: one that’s a little bit country and another that’s rock ‘n’ roll. (Yeah, that was a Donny and Marie reference. Don’t judge us. It’s Idol’s fault.)

Hitting the stage for his second performance of the night is 18-year-old Sam Woolf. After wowing the judges earlier in the show with his upbeat rendition of “It’s Time,” Sam decides to take it down a notch with Shania Twain’s popular number “You’re Still the One.” As usual, Sam’s voice is (as Keith describes it) “like buttah,” but he’s still got some work to do.

“That’s a good song for you lyrically,” says Keith. “When you watch this back, you’ve got to just relax more. I keep seeing little moments of it. It’s just you relaxing and easing into it.”

“Now it’s just a matter of not singing it so perfectly,” adds Harry. “It was so rhythmically perfect, and it was all the same volume. Maybe if you throw it away. We’ve been pulling for this connection for so many weeks and now you’ve made the connection. Now if you can do it with the lyrics, you’ll be making continuous progress.”

Do you think Sam deserves to make it through to next week? Watch the video below and sound off in the comments!