And so we meet again, puffy-eyed American Idol viewers. It’s Thursday night, which, as you well know at this point in Season 13, means sadness. It’s time for eliminations on Idol and the national viewing of a young person’s dream being smashed to smithereens on national TV.

OK, so we’re being a touch dramatic, we know. Blame our rollercoaster emotions! We hate to say goodbye to anyone but now that we’ve got just six contestants left in the running for the Season 13 crown, we’re finding it even harder to wave goodbye to our Idol winner wannabes.

Tonight’s elimination was a particular toughie for while we saw it coming, saying goodbye to Southern sweetheart CJ Harris wasn’t any easier. He was just always so kind and that smile at the end! Hear that tinkling? Those are the pieces of our broken heart falling to the ground.

Maybe it was all the drama of this week that has us feeling so extra descriptive. The two-hour performance show on Wednesday, April 23, featured each contestant taking on two very different songs: one country, one rock. It led for some really high highs and some very low lows. But at least we know there are some real winners in the Top 5!

Who are they?

Are you surprised at the Top 5? Knew CJ was headed home? Hit the comments!