Last night’s American Idol Top 6 performances changed things up a bit with something we haven’t seen before: Two solo songs from each contestant, one rock and one country. And we didn’t realize it until the show was over, but it was actually the perfect way to reveal the flaws in everyone’s talent — or, in some cases, the fact that there are no flaws at all.

While we got to see a lot of the group shine last night, there was one contestant who didn’t measure up to the progress everyone else has made. We have a bad feeling that CJ Harris will be headed home after tonight’s results show.

Why CJ? Both his rock and country performance fell short of where he should be this late in the competition. Although CJ showed way more energy than he usually does when he performed The Guess Who’s “American Woman,” his country performance of "Whatever It Is” by the Zac Brown Band faltered.

This came as a surprise to us, since country should’ve been where CJ really impressed us and the misstep didn’t go unnoticed by the judges.

“I expected a tiny bit more from you,” Jennifer Lopez said. “I thought, ‘This is where he’s really gonna bring it home,’ but it didn’t hit the mark.”

But the real end-of-the-road moment for CJ happened as soon as Harry admitted he doesn’t see CJ sticking around. When the judges have a bad feeling about a contestant, voters usually tend to follow suit. When Harry said, “If you’re lucky to stick around til next week,” it really hit us that we probably won’t see CJ in the Top 5.

We love CJ as a person and would hate to see such a sweet guy leave the competition, but we have a bad feeling about his fate in tonight’s show. Even if this is the end of the road for CJ, though, we know he’ll find success elsewhere.

Do you think CJ’s going home, or will it be someone else?