While we were totally shocked to see country boy Dexter Roberts go home in last week’s American Idol elimination, this week, the Top 6’s results show was a bit less surprising. As much as we hate to see a sweetheart like CJ Harris leave, we may or may not have called itCJ was definitely the most likely to not be voted back this time around.

CJ’s obviously a talented guy — how else would he have managed to stick around for so long? — but we think, at this point, he just maxed out. For the past few weeks, his performances have been good, but they haven’t really brought anything new to the table, and that’s what the contestants need to be doing right now to survive elimination.

CJ’s rock and country performances failed to impress the judges this time around, as well… and Harry didn’t expect he’d make it into the Top 5, either.

“If you’re lucky enough to stick around 'til next week, find things that you know will kill,” he told CJ after his performance of Zac Brown Band’s “Whatever It Is.”

What did surprise us? The fact that Jess Meuse ended up in the Bottom Two.

While we haven’t necessarily been Team Jess before now, she may have made us believers after her performance of Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene.”

In any event, just because CJ’s performances this week weren’t up to par doesn’t mean we don’t wish him the best! We would love to see him find his musical groove one day, whatever that may be.

Are you sad to see CJ go? Do you think someone else should’ve gone home instead?