The guilt, you guys. The guilt might kill us. Whichever American Idol contestant goes home tonight, it'll be America's fault. Our fault. Just four contestants remain in Season 13 of Idol and they're each equally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, not to mention talented. To send one home now, just two weeks shy of the grand finale not only feels mean, it feels impossible.

But Idol is all about overcoming the impossible and so here we go again. Tonight Ryan Seacrest and his team of A-list judges, Harry Connick, Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez, will wear waterproof mascara and try not to cry on national television as the Top 4 becomes the Top 3. Yes, just three will remain after this evening's 30-minute show and they're the ones gearing up for a hero's welcome back home.

On the chopping block: Jess MeuseCaleb JohnsonAlex Preston, and Jena Irene Asciutto. Each contestant performed last night and we were wowed by all of them! One did seem a touch less prepared than the others but at this point we're really just splitting hairs. There can only be one winner and it's not going to be an easy choice no matter who sticks around for next week's show.

Who packed up and headed home? That be Jess Meuse. After a nail-biting episode, Ryan finally lowered the ax on the Idol hopeful and sent the whole audience into tears (we see you, Harry).

That makes the Top 3, in the order we learned the good news:

What do you make of the final three contestants? Knew this would be the Top 3 or still shocked at tonight's elimination? Tell us in the comments and remember to tune into Idol next Wednesday, May 14, at 8 p.m. on Fox when the Top 3 give it their all to get into the finale later this month.

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