If you think the American Idol Top 4 photo looked a little empty, just wait until next week. Somebody’s going home tonight, which means we’ll be that much closer to finding out which two contestants will be duking it out (vocally, of course) on the live finale in two weeks. We hate when we have to predict who’s going to leave us, but someone has to go home… and this week, we think that someone is Jess Meuse.

As far as Jess has come in this competition, we just don’t think she can compare to Alex, Jena, or Caleb, which is surprising, because she has the most on-the-job training as a performing musician. But her performances last night fell flat and if the judges’ reactions are any indication of how America voted, Jess will be singing her final song before the night is over.

It all boils down to song choice, and Jess (and whoever’s helping her out behind the scenes) has had a problem picking songs all season. Last night’s performance featured two of her worst song choices ever: Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” and “So What” by Pink. Here’s where Jess went wrong: She’s not that poppy, and her voice just isn’t suited for songs that are. And as a result, she failed to impress Harry, J.Lo, and Keith.

And as much as we hate to point this out, even if she had performed well last night, Jess’s fate was pretty much sealed before she sang the first note. According to the way America’s voted so far, Jess is probably leaving tonight by default. We just don’t see Alex, Jena, or Caleb departing this time around because of how consistently strong their performances have been since January.

But fortunately for Jess, we have a feeling her days of singing to an empty bar are officially behind her. She’s had an amazing run and if she leaves tonight, we hope she knows that!

Do you agree that Jess is going home? Do you think it could be someone else?