Credit: Michael Becker/FOX © 2014 FOX Broadcasting Co.

Deciding who should go home on American Idol this week is like choosing which child you love least. It’s an impossible decision, and it’s unfair we have to make it! But with great power comes great responsibility, and as the voters of America, we have to send someone home this week in order to cut down the Top 3 to the Top 2 for next week’s finale.

We don’t think anyone gave a performance worthy of sending them home this week, so it’s hard to decide who the unlucky contestant will be. If we’re going on performances, Caleb Johnson was the weakest — although, let’s face it, the kid did have bronchitis. He’s had a really successful season otherwise, so we would be surprised if America ends up holding it against him that he was sick and had an off-night… the second to worst possible off-night he could have on Idol.

But judging by the way America votes based on the rest of this season? We’re sorry to say we have a very bad feeling we’ve officially seen the last of Alex Preston. We know, we don’t want him to leave either, and if we had our way, the Top 2 would be Alex and Jena Irene. And after the way he practically revolutionized the overplayed “Stay” by Rihanna? Dude deserves a medal, not the chopping block.

From almost the very beginning of Season 13, we’ve envisioned the final two coming down to Caleb and Jena, and at this point, we can’t imagine that changing. We are so sorry, Alex. If you do go home tonight, just keep this in mind: You don’t need no stinkin' Idol. Go out there and make the best record you can with the awesome label who will inevitably snatch you up. We can’t wait to pop in to Starbucks and buy it.

Do you think Alex will be sent home, or will it be someone else?