Credit: Mark Davis/PictureGroup for FOX Photo: Adam Lambert Performs in the American Idol Season 10 Top 13 Results Show

In case you missed American Idol last night, fans were treated to a fab performance by Adam Lambert — a.k.a. one of our fave Idol alums ever! Glambert gave a very non-glam performance in his toned-down, acoustic version of his song “Aftermath.” And boy did he bring it... Adam was in the house to promote his remix album Aftermath, which is on iTunes right now. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Glamz, and he dished on his fave Season 10 Idol-ers and about what it was like being on the show again.

When asked about his performance on Idol, Adam answered, “I felt really good. It was a bit out-of-body, as usual, but I always find that those are probably the best performances… It’s like peoples' energy affecting you from the outside in.”

THR asked Adam about the James Durbin comparisons, to which he said, “I take it as a compliment because I think he's good. And he said the same thing. I do see the similarities with the high rocker thing but I do think we're really different as well... [H]e's really talented.”

And who else does Adam like this season? “Pia [Toscano] blew my mind on Wednesday night. She is mighty. I was, like, holy Moses! And I love Jacob [Lusk] for being just fabulous.”

High praise from such an awesome Idol alum!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter