Credit: Michael Becker/ FOX Photo: Amber Holcomb Is Eliminated

Before the American Idol Top 3 were announced in the elimination results tonight, judge Nicki Minaj advised whoever was voted off that this wasn’t a night to cry. “I’ve said before that you four are all superheroes... No tears tonight, it’s just the beginning of something great.”

Sadly, the girl who was eliminated tonight couldn’t help but get emotional after learning she would not be going to the Top 3. It certainly didn’t help any that host Ryan Seacrest kept talking up how awesome the “hometown visits” are for the final three, with private jets, massive concerts, police escorts and the whole works. Because, for the person eliminated, they would be going home not as the conquering hero, but as the finalist who came in fourth place.

After 81 million votes were counted, Ryan announced the Top 3 finalists going on to the next round are: Angie Miller, Kree Harrison and Candice Glover. The girl who was eliminated on American Idol tonight was Amber Holcomb. Then, of course, the producers torture the person who was voted off by making them sing one last time. And then Ryan drags Amber’s dad up on stage while she’s trying to choke through “I Believe In You and Me.”

Poor Amber just couldn’t hold back her grief over the end of her American Idol journey and tears are streaming down her face her dad tries to comfort her. All the Top 4 ladies were crying, Mariah Carey was crying, even Nicki Minaj had a single tear marring her perfect makeup. Although, honestly, we kind of felt like Amber looked more furious than sad at some moments there toward the end...

We wish you the best Amber! Maybe one of those American Idol judges who kept talking about how amazing you are all season long will get off their butts and help you get a fat record deal!


Credit: 5Min Photo: American Idol 2013's Amber Holcomb Cries During Her Farewell Song