With the shocking almost-elimination of Jessica Sanchez, last week’s rankings wound up off a bit. Will she bounce back this week? We certainly think so. Here’s our Power Ranking for the Top 7, take two!

7. Elise Testone: Despite a pretty terrific show-closing performance last week, Elise still wound up in the Bottom 3. She might be able to cling on for another week or two if she really brings it, but we’re not holding our breath.

6. Joshua Ledet: He rounded out the Bottom 3 along with Jessica, but he’s not likely to get the same dramatic reminders this week that we’ll no doubt get about Jessica’s near-miss. He could be in trouble.

5. Hollie Cavanagh: She was safe last week while Jessica was in trouble, but we can’t help but think that the voters might forget about Hollie this week. We don’t expect her to necessarily be eliminated, but she’ll probably hit the Stools of Shame.

4. Skylar Laine: She stayed safe last week and we expect her to do it again. She’s got the country vote all locked up, and it’s serving her well, just like it did for last season’s Top 2, Lauren and Scotty.

3. Jessica Sanchez: Sure, she was a Judges’ Save away from elimination last week. But that’ll only work in her favor — there’s no doubt that Wednesday night’s show will be full of dramatic entreaties for us to remember last week’s results and vote, vote, vote!

2. Phillip Phillips: Phillip Squared falls to second place for the first time this season. We don’t think he’s in any danger of elimination, but his stubborn refusal to play the Idol game, while admirable for an artist, could be his downfall as a contestant. Idol audiences love to see a contestant’s journey, but Phillip’s standing firmly in place.

1. Colton Dixon: Really, Phillip and Colton (as Jimmy Iovine pointed out to both of them) are running pretty much neck-and-neck these days. We’re giving Colton the slight edge, because he seems to better understand how to be an American Idol contestant — it’s so much about being dynamic and showing growth, and Colton’s been doing both.