Last week, Elise Testone finally stopped surfing the Stools of Shame and was sent home by the voters. Now, we’re down to just five contestants — can you believe it? Here’s our weekly Power Ranking with super scientific analysis (a.k.a. our educated guesses) of who’s safe this week and who’s in the Danger Zone on American Idol.

5. Hollie Cavanagh. Hollie’s stuck around a whole lot longer than we’ve expected. Unless something crazy happens, we’re guessing this week will be her last. She just doesn’t stand out as much as the rest of the contestants.

4. Joshua Ledet. We’re definitely not expecting him to go home. But this close to the end, someone has to be in the bottom, and at this point we think the three subsequent contestants are out in front. Then again, we’ve been wrong before — gasp!

3. Jessica Sanchez. Like Joshua, we don’t anticipate Jessica being in any trouble this week. But we’re also not completely convinced she’s headed for the finale, no matter how great she is vocally. She’s going to need to connect with her songs better to go the distance.

2. Skylar Laine. Sure, she hit the Bottom 3 for one hot second last week. But we bet that’ll only spur her on to do even better this week. We definitely believe that Skylar’s got staying power, and we think she’s the top gal on Idol these days.

1. Phillip Phillips. Despite a less-than-stellar pair of performances last week, Phillip didn’t go anywhere near the Stools of Shame, and hasn’t all season. He’s a lock for the finale at this point.