Credit: FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: The Judges in Season 11, Episode 5: Houston Auditions

This is it, y’all, the last night of auditions! Our seventh and final audition city is St. Louis, Missouri, where back in Season 4 we first met Carrie Underwood. Let’s see who’ll meet us in St. Louis this season, shall we? Here’s a rundown.

Johnny Keyser: If you like cute, blue-eyed, waiters with lovely, soulful voices, you’ll probably like Johnny. We sure do! So do the judges — every time he tries to end his song, they yell at him to keep singing. Hee! He gets sent to Hollywood faster than you can say “we’ve got a contender!”

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Johnny Keyser Sing Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” in American Idol 2012 St. Louis Auditions on February 2

Rachelle Lamb: Rachelle is a newly-single mom who brings her daughter with her into her audition. We wanted to be annoyed that she had her kid with her, but she proceeds to sing the stuffing out of a Faith Hill song, and she seems to have a really dynamic stage presence. Three yes votes from the judges!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Rachelle Lamb Sing Faith Hill’s “Find Somebody New” in American Idol 2012 St. Louis Auditions on February 2

Reis Kloekckner: Reis is a former victim of bullying who joined the choir in his high school and found a place for himself. Like Glee in real life! He sings an okay version of “Lean on Me,” nothing amazing, but the judges are really moved by him, and he gets three enthusiastic yes votes.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Reis Kloeckener Sing “Lean on Me” in American Idol 2012 St. Louis Auditions on February 2

Ethan Jones: Ethan’s dad had to leave the band they were in together to go to rehab. He sings “I’ll Be,” which has been done to death on this show, but his voice is really nice, and he’s cute enough that we’re willing to forgive him. The judges pass him through to Hollywood, and Ethan calls his father, who says he’s clean and sober.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Ethan Jones Sing Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” in American Idol 2012 St. Louis Auditions on February 2

Madonna’s New Video: It’s fine. It’s cute. It’s a little young for her, but whatever, Madge can do what she wants.

Mark Ingram: Mark actually works in the hotel where the auditions are being held. Well, that’s convenient! Sadly, that (along with a delightful personality) is the main thing he has going for him. His voice cracks and he loses the melody a few times, and as much as the judges want to be best friends with him, they don’t want him to sing anymore. Mark will be staying at the hotel.

Lauren Gray: Lauren’s a pretty Southern rock girl with a big, terrific voice. She takes on Adele’s “One and Only” and the judges are sold pretty much immediately. So are we; Lauren is easily our favorite audition of the night. She misses a couple of high notes and has no problem admitting it, which is kind of charming. The judges are thrilled with Lauren, and she’s sent to Hollywood to end the auditions.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Lauren Gray Sing Adele’s “One and Only” in American Idol 2012 St. Louis Auditions on February 2

Next week: HOLLYWOOD! Yesssss. Any respectable Idol fan knows that Hollywood week is when things get good. Are you ready?! We sure are.


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