Credit: Michael Becker/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: David Leathers in Season 11, Episode 1: Savannah Auditions

He’s 17, looks like he’s 12, and sings like a pro. American Idol 2012 contestant David Leathers, Jr. stole the show like he steals hearts — his friends call him “Mr. Steal Your Girl.” But during the Final Judgment, Part 2, David’s time in the limelight came to an end… for now.

Back in the Savannah Auditions, David wowed the judges with “Play Out in the Rain,” and he advanced to Hollywood Week. Singing with Eben Franckewitz and Jeremy Rosado, David performed “Mercy” and impressed everyone. (Plus, he looked adorable in his bow tie.)

The Fayetteville teen is headed back to North Carolina, but he has a chance for a comeback. Along with Johnny Keyser, Jermaine Jones, and Richie Law, he is one of the guys who could return to compete for a spot in the Top 13. 


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Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch David Leathers Jr. and Gabi Carrubba Perform “Rockin’ Robin” in American Idol 2012 Las Vegas Round on February 16
Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch David Leathers and Eben Franckewitz Perform “Mercy” in American Idol 2012 Hollywood Week Round 3 on February 15