Tomorrow night, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips will go head-to-head on three songs one repeat from earlier in the season, one song chosen by American Idol creator Simon Fuller, and an original song for each contestant, which will no doubt be cheesy inspirational goodness suitable for singing under a rainfall of triumphant confetti!
In any event, here are our picks for the contestants repeats, as well as what we'd choose if Simon Fuller gave us the reins:


Jessica Sanchez

Repeat: "I Will Always Love You." Jessica's performance in Whitney Houston week cemented her status as a frontrunner, and it was so long ago that it won't feel like something voters have just heard.

Our Pick: "Love on Top" by Beyonce. We already know Sasha Fierce is one of Jessica's faves, and since her single is likely to be a ballad, we'd love to hear her do something a little funkier as well. This song would provide the perfect opportunity for Jessica's alter ego, BB Chez, to come out and play!

Phillip Phillips
Repeat: "In The Air Tonight." Just like our suggested repeat for Jessica, this is a performance from pretty early in the season. It was a little dark and a little sexy, and mostly, well... we just want to hear it again.

Our Pick: "Wild World" by Cat Stevens. It's not a flashy song, but it's one that's super-catchy, and vocally we think Phillip would be perfect for it. If he nailed it, which he probably would, it could be a moment for him.

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