This week’s performance episode of American Idol will have you seeing (and hearing) double. Jessica Sanchez’s spectacular save last week threw the show’s elimination schedule slightly off kilter, and we’re elated that the diminutive diva will stick around to sing again. But where does that leave us this week?

TV Line reports that Wednesday’s theme is “Now and Then,” which will have the Top 7 performing two songs each. The contestants get to choose one Billboard No. 1 hit from 2000–2012 to perform, along with a soul track from a previous decade. The first half of the theme is a perhaps a bit too similar to last week’s motif, but we’re loving the mix of old and new songs on the show. No news yet on who will mentor the budding pop stars.

After last week’s elimination drama, we can’t wait to see how America votes on Thursday!

Source: TV Line