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Some people have a closet filled with shoes. For Gurpreet Singh Sarin it’s turbans.

Aptly dubbed “The Turbanator,” the Season 12 hopeful claimed in his New York audition that he has between 40 and 50 different turbans (one to match every outfit). He even compared one of them to the marigold color of American Idol 2013 judge Nicki Minaj’s hair in an attempt to earn her vote. Any which way you cut it, that’s a lotta turbans.

TMZ reached out to the Sikh community to find out what they think of Gurpreet representing for them on American Idol Season 12. A rep from the Sikh Coalition weighed in by saying, “The Sikh American community is celebrating Gurpreet’s achievement every step of the way.” The rep added, “We are thrilled that the rest of America is going to learn more about our wonderful community.”

We only have one question - who do you think would win a sing-off between “The Turbanator” and “The Durbinator”?

Here’s Gurpreet stellar rendition of “Sunday Morning” from Wednesday’s show!

Sources: TMZ

Credit: FOX Photo: Gurpreet Singh Sarin Sings “Sunday Morning” in American Idol 2013 New York Auditions on January 16 (VIDEO)