Soon enough, you too can dress like Nicki Minaj if you dare and at a good price.
The famed rapper, American Idol 2013 judge, and maverick fashionista is launching her own clothing line at Kmart and Shop Your Way. Joining her on this fashionable adventure is The Voice’s Adam Levine, who is launching his own line of clothing and accessories.
According to the press release, Nicki has been extremely open about her desire to start her own clothing line, and has been shopping the idea around since last summer.

“My biggest goal was to make a line that was going to be affordable to my fans and also rich enough in quality that they’ll feel like they’re wearing exactly what I’m wearing,” she said.

Just think: Now you can dress like a pimped-out Red Riding Hood, but the faux pope as an accessory is not included.

Would you buy something from Nicki’s clothing line?

Sources: MTV, PR Newswire