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In a controversial move, the American Idol 2013 judges decided to forego using their save for the season, sending Nicki Minaj’s little marshmallow, Janelle Arthur, home. Like Nicki, we agree that Janelle has a long career in country music ahead of her, and we love her eternally grateful attitude. Now it’s power rankings time, and here is how we see the super talented American Idol Season 12 Top 4:

4. Amber Holcomb: As much as it pains us, we’re putting this amazingly talented singer in at #4. Up until this week, she’s been continually in the bottom due to a lack of a solid fan base, so we think she could be at risk of going home next. And you just know the judges would want their save back then!

3. Angie Miller: This is surely going to be a controversial pick for us, as this girl was amazing this past week, but she hasn’t been as consistent as some of the other singers in the competition. Unless she pulls out another moment like the performance of her original song during Hollywood Week, we’re not sure she’ll make the finals.

2. Kree Harrison: This is the first week we haven’t predicted our fave country girl would win it all! She had a slightly off week, especially for someone who has continually knocked it out of the park. We tend to agree with Jimmy Iovine that her performance of “Up To The Mountain” was where she peaked, and we hope she can find another song like that in order to showcase that kind of emotion. If she does, we still think she could win. And, after seeing her in the bottom two this week, we think her fans will make Kreedom ring again.

1. Candice Glover: Respect! We had to move this girl into the pole position after weeks of absolutely killing it. We didn’t think she could top that performance of Adele’s “Lovesong,” but she absolutely blew the judges and viewers alike away with her emotional rendition of “When You Believe”. Not only did she dare to take on a song by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, but she absolutely slayed it. We truly think this girl could win it all this season.

What do you think of our rankings? How would you rank these talented girls?


Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Candice Glover Sing "When You Believe" by Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston in American Idol Top 5 on April 17, 2013