Credit: Ray Mickshaw/ FOX ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Kree Harrison Performs in American Idol 2013 Top 4

Who was eliminated on American Idol tonight? You often hear the  American Idol judges say that America has its work cut out for it when it comes to voting, but that was never more true than after last night’s Season 12 Top 4 performance show. While there’s no denying Angie Miller stole the night with her two incredible solos and a breathtaking duet with Candice Glover but, other than that, it’s really anyone’s time to go home. 

Here’s the thing though. Ryan Seacrest announced that there would be a new super specialtwist revealed on tonight’s American Idol elimination show, and we have a feeling that it will be the reinstatement of the judges’ save or simply a plain old non-elimination week. This will help things go according to the schedule that was set on FOX to accommodate for the judges using their save at some point.

We have a sneaking suspicion this is exactly what will happen, giving each of the final four ladies a chance to enjoy the fun of a "hometown visit" next week with all the pomp and circumstance. Other years, we might not like this, but the talent has reached such epic proportions, we’d hate to see anyone go this week. 

That said, if we have to choose who is going to be on the chopping block if someone does go home on American Idol tonight, we’d have to say it will be Amber. Despite a few missteps by Kree and a couple of slightly lackluster performances by Candice, Amber is coming across a bit dated (despite the American Idol judges thinly veiled attempts to get us to believe she is current!). Plus, she hasn’t had as much traction for online fans as the others.

If it isn't a non-elimination night, we have a feeling we'll be seeing Amber give us her swan song tonight. Who do you think will be in danger of going home?


Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Amber Holcomb Sing Donna Summer's "MacArthur Park" in American Idol 2013 Top 4