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Last night, the American Idol Top 5 gave it everything they had to make sure they move forward in the competition. Now it is up to the voters and the Amerian Idol judges to decide who will make it through. Which of the Top 5 ladies will be going home tonight? Will it be Janelle Arthur, Candice Glover, Angie Miller, Kree Harrison or Amber Holcomb? Or will the judges use their save power, on the last nigth they can, to keep all of them in the competition for one more round? 


Does it feel like American Idol 2013 is just rushing along at top speed? Well, it feels like that to us! We’re already at the Season 12 Top 5 finalists and the finale is not too far in the future! Want to know the 2013 American Idol schedule for what's coming up next on Season 12? We have the info for you here!

Need a refresher on who is in the American Idol Season 12 Top 5 before the next show begins? Get to know them here!


The schedule as it stands now for the rest of the season for American Idol 2013 is a two-hour performance show on Wednesday nights, followed by a one hour elimination results show on Thursday nights. However, every season there is usually a week where something interrupts, or a show gets added, or something else crazy happens. We’ll update you about any schedule changes as soon as we know them.


Thursday, April 18 (8PM-9PM ET): Top 5 Results

Wednesday, April 24 (8PM-10PM ET): Top Finalists Perform

Thursday, April 25 (8PM-9PM ET): Results Show

Wednesday, May 1 (8PM-10PM ET): Top Finalists Perform

Thursday, May 2 (8PM-9PM ET): Results Show

Wednesday, May 7 (8PM-10PM ET): Top Finalists Perform

Thursday, May 8 (8PM-9PM ET): Results Show

Wednesday, May 15 (8PM-9PM ET): Finale Part 1

Thursday, May 16 (8PM-10:07PM ET): Finale Part 2/Winner Announced


Are you on board for the rest of American Idol 2013 season 12?


Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Kree Harrison Sing Celine Dion's "Have You Ever Been in Love" in American Idol Top 5 on April 17, 2013