Credit: Michael Becker/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Gurpreet Singh Sarin Performs in American Idol 2013 Las Vegas Round 4

This season on American Idol 2013, the schedule seems to point to the Top 20 being narrowed down to a bare bones Top 10 contestants by the end of this week. However, a possible hint from producer Nigel Lythgoe could mean the show actually ends up with a Top 11, or even Top 12 like in past seasons.

When a fan asked Nigel on Twitter if there was any possibility of an American Idol Season 12 wildcard or two this year, he was a bit dodgy with his answer. “Up to FOX and the Judges,” Nigel said, which isn’t exactly the same tune he sang earlier in the season when he stated there would be NO wildcards in Season 12.

“I’ve never liked a top 11 or a top 12 or a top 13,” Nigel previously stated, according to “It was always created in order to fill the transmission times that FOX wanted. So we created Top 13s and Top 12s, and let's give them wildcard here and let's bring somebody back; it's very plain and simple. As we've always done with So You Think You Can Dance, there's your Top 10; it's a knock-out competition. We've always attempted to do that. But we've never found a way to do it with everything that's been asked of us. And this year, we have."

From that statement, it seems like Nigel was saying this year on American Idol Season 12, there would be a Top 10 and ONLY a Top 10, unlike previous seasons. Is it possible Nigel’s desire to not have wildcards thrown into the mix has been overruled by FOX and the judges?

Do you think the judges should have the ability to throw a wildcard singer into the mix? Or should they stick with the decisions made by the voters and keep it to a simple Top 10 this season?