There have been a lot of changes for American Idol 2013, but one rumored shake up in the way the top finalists are chosen will not actually happen.

Several top American Idol spoilers sites, including MJsBigBlog, reported one of the new twists this year was going to be a change in how the final contestants were picked to go to the live shows. Instead of the viewers choosing the top 12 (or 13 last year), the rumor was the American Idol 2013 judges would be selecting a top 10 without any help from the voters.

Not letting the fans decide who would move on to the live shows was a risky move. The producers might have had more luck in avoiding another WGWG (white guy with guitar) winner for season 12. However, they could have easily alienated viewers by forcing them to vote only for those contestants the judges -- and producers -- deemed worthy.

Thankfully, if the rumor was ever true about this switch in the voting methods, the plan has now been totally abandoned, according to Fox representative Mike Darnell says the voters will indeed get to have their say on this year’s top 10 finalists. American Idol 2013 judges Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson will select a top 10 guys and a top 10 girls. After that, the audience will take over the decision of who goes home every week for the remainder of the season.