Credit: FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: The Crowd Goes Wild at American Idol 2013 Auditions

In week three of the American Idol 2013 auditions, the judges are about to take us on a whirlwind tour across the country in search of the next batch of stellar singers for Hollywood Week. For this round of auditions, the reality show juggernaut heads to three cities -- Long Beach, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City. Auditions in the first two cities will be on Wednesday’s show while they hit the OC (no, not that OC) for Thursday night’s show.

We’ve got a few American Idol 2013 spoilers from you for the San Antonio show, as four singers show up in from this city in our leaked Top 40 list.

Jett Hermano -- An Asian-American singer, Jett was raised in Seattle. She’s multi-talented -- on top of singing, she plays the guitar and the piano. From what we hear, she’s one to watch, as she brings a unique hip-hop style, which should appeal to Nicki Minaj. We do know the controversial judge loved Sarah Restuccio’s take on her song, “Super Bass”. Hmmm...wonder what her NickiName will be?

Rachel Hale -- A country girl with movie star looks, this girl could win it all. After all, we’ve already predicted it’s a female Country artist’s year to win and break the streak of WGWGs (white guys with guitars).

Vincent “Vince” Powell -- A Christian artist who is back for a second year on American Idol, Vince could prove experience on the Idol Road is key. After looking at the meteoric rise of Colton Dixon, we know this genre is gaining wide appeal.

Cristabel Clack -- Much like last year’s Joshua Ledet, Cristabel is a gospel singer. According to her Twitter page, she’s also a mother and worship leader.

Plus, if you’ve seen the promo for American Idol 2013 this week, you know Mariah Carey crushes hard on one hopeful (taking a page from Nicki’s playbook). Plus, one lucky girl gets a kiss from Keith and Randy, and Nicki suggests one singer should use “autotune.” That’s just harsh!

Always check back with us -- we’ll be posting new American Idol spoilers as we get them!