Alisabeth Von Presley is one of many American Idol Season 12 hopefuls that have made it to Hollywood Week. So what’s the deal with this potential contestant?

We didn’t have to dig all that deep to find her impressive resume online. In addition to singing, the Marion, Iowa native (who now lives in Cedar Rapids) is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and photographer. She even designed her own website. Feel inferior much? Yeah, we do too.

She recently took on the role of Holly, the perpetual bridesmaid, in the Cedar Rapids production of The Wedding Singer and, as one one article notes, she “owns every moment of every show she’s in. She is a musical theater tour de force who should be in New York, but we’re lucky she’s in Cedar Rapids.”

To get a sense of her talents, check out a video below of Alisabeth singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love”. We made our prediction for the winner of Season 12 already and, instead of yet another WGWG (white guy with guitar), we’re calling for a woman with a big voice think Adele meets Beyonce. Does Alisabeth fit the bill? Let us know what you think!

Credit: YouTube Photo: American Idol Season 12 Hopeful Alisabeth Von Presley Sings Queen's "Somebody to Love"

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