Credit: Facebook Photo: American Idol Season 12 Hopeful Josh Holiday

If changing your name is an indication of your confidence that you will one day be famous, then American Idol Season 12 hopeful Josh Holiday is quite sure of himself.
According to MJ’s Big Blog, the singer used to go by Joshua Eric Wright. Hailing from Texas, Josh moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Belmont University and has stayed put ever since. The Idol hopeful’s YouTube page recently liked an American Idol promo, a video from fellow Top 40 contestant Angie Miller’s page, and Angie and Nick Boddington’s youtube channels. Sounds like he’s getting his Idol ducks in a row.

From the videos we were able to find, Josh definitely seems to be one to keep an eye on. Check out his version of Coldplay’s “Prospekt’s March,” which he recorded as an audition for a pop group called PHOENIX (dont' worry, he totally made the cut).

Although Josh doesn’t quite match our prediction for this season’s winner, one glance at this video will tell you that he’s got what it takes to go far. His performance of "Georgia On My Mind" during Round 4 of Hollywood Week also won us over.

Do you think Josh has what it takes to make it past the Top 40?


Source: MJs Big BlogYouTube

Credit: YouTube Photo: American Idol Season 12 Hopeful Josh Holiday Sings Coldplay's "Prospekt's March"