Credit: Michael Becker / FOX Photo: Candice Glover and Burnell Taylor: American Idol 2013 Top 7 Performance Photo

On the American Idol 2013 results show this week, the Season 12 Top 7 performed “Somebody to Love” by Queen. Personally, we’re just not fond of anyone singing Queen songs on any reality TV show anywhere. Queen is sacred. Leave it alone.


Thankfully, at least, the Top 7 didn’t mangle the song too badly, although it wasn’t the most wonderful thing we’ve ever heard. They managed to harmonize relatively decently and even Lazaro Arbos seemed to actually remember his lyrics and not go off pitch too badly. Still, we wouldn’t call it a great performance by any means.


One of the wonderful changes American Idol producers could do to try to revive the show next season would be to get rid of these awful group numbers entirely. Replace then with some nice duets or solos. Or (gasp!) have the American Idol judges earn their keep with some more performances now and then. How about having them do some duets with the contestants? Oh, wait, that’s something cool that happens on other reality shows... forget we mentioned it.