Credit: FOX Photo: Charlie Askew Auditions For American Idol 2013

The American Idol 2013 judges seemed to have a hard time finding good talent in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Despite the slim pickings, the crew still managed to find some diamonds in the rough, like the awkwardly charming Charlie Askew and the singing doctor, Calvin Peters.

So how many people received their golden ticket to American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week? A total of 35 singers made it, but here are the names we caught during the audition episode:

Megan Miller
Charlie Askew
Maddie Assel
Paul Jolley
Calvin Peters
Michelle Montezeri
Breanna Steer
Brandy Hotard
Dustin Watts
Burnell Taylor

As for which of these contestants makes it past Hollywood Week into the Top 40? Check out our American Idol spoilers list for answers!