South Carolina native Candice Glover has consistently been one of the best singers in the competition since she first hit the stage on American Idol 2013.

What makes Candice even more fabulous as a contestant is her refusal to be boxed up in any particular category. Although she certainly has the whole soul and R&B thing going for her, Candice proved last week she could also channel the “rock chick” vibe, as American Idol judge Keith Urban said after her performance.

Candice made the Beatles’ “Come Together” sound like a girl rock power ballad and we were totally in love. Nicki Minaj said Candice needed more ‘attitude’ in her face, but we think Randy Jackson had it right when he said he didn’t know what might be going on with Candice’s face, but “the voice is crazy!” Plus, Candice knows her voice and what songs she is going to sound best on. So far she hasn't made a terrible song pick yet (or had one thrust upon her by the producers).

Did Candice's track record of great song choices continue this week on the Top 8 performance show? Watch her perform "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" from tonight's show and tell us if you think she is an easy choice to make the Top 7.


American Idol 2013 Candice Glover Top 8 Season 12 Performance:

Credit: FOX Photo: Watch American Idol’s Candice Glover Sing “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” in Season 12 Top 8


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