Has Devin Velez outstayed his welcome on American Idol 2013? On the elimination results show last week, Devin ended up in the bottom three with Amber Holcomb and Paul Jolley. He was lucky to make it through, but his luck may very well run out this week.

Devin had a great performance last week with his rendition of the Beatles’ “The Long and Winding Road,” but the voters didn’t seem to care all that much. Despite rave reviews from the judges, including Mariah Carey saying it would be a horrible thing if he didn’t make it through, Devin almost ended up going home.

He may have a lovely singing voice and a bilingual edge, but Devin just never seems to have caught on with the masses the way the other guys and girls above him in the competition last week have. He doesn’t have the big, moving backstory of Lazaro Arbos or Burnell Taylor. He lacks the wide versatility of Angie Miller or Candice Glover. And well, he just can’t compete in the big Southern voting block against country singers like Janelle Arthur or Kree Harrison.

Will this week's performance of "The Tracks of My Tears" save him from going home in the elimination results tomorrow night? Check out Devin’s Season 12 Top 8 song and tell us if you think he deserves to come back next week!

American Idol 2013 Devin Velez Season 12 Top 8 Performance:

Credit: FOX Photo: Watch American Idol’s Devin Velez Sing “Tracks of My Tears” in Season 12 Top 8


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