American Idol’s newest judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban — are each the focus of a series of promos for Season 12, and they all seem pretty pumped to be sitting at the table for this history-making show.

The theme of each mini-interview was one of Idol dominance despite the many other singing shows that now exist. Nicki even called the show “as real as you’re gonna get,” adding, “No one’s ever going to touch ‘American Idol’.”

Mariah even called Idol “the gold standard,” and talked extensively about how happy she is to be a part of helping others with their burgeoning careers. She described how thrilling it is to watch someone audition and think to herself, “That person has it.” Mariah even revealed that she actually waitressed at one point when she was still a struggling artist. We’ll give you moment to let that image sink in.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Mariah Carey Says American Idol Is the "Gold Standard" of Singing Competitions

Nicki, whose reputation for feuding has preceded her by engaging in fights with Mariah and former judge Steven Tyler, came across as surprisingly low key. She dished about working her way up from the underground New York City rap scene and posting music online before becoming the huge name she is. She calls being a judge “inspiring,” and is even shown showering one lucky hopeful with a host of compliments. Is Nicki setting herself up to be the soft-hearted one?

Credit: YouTube Photo: Nicki Minaj Says American Idol Is "As Real As Your Gonna Get"

Keith, who needs to spark some sort of scandal if he’s going to keep up with the likes of Mariah and NIcki, was as genuine as one might expect as he talks about the “bona fide stars” and “raw talent” of the people he has seen. “There are some people who are born to do this,” he said, noting that he’s excited to be a part of launching their careers.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Keith Urban Talks About Finding "Bona Fide Stars" on American Idol

The judges are coming across as surprisingly nice, so we only have one question who will be the new Simon Cowell?

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