Credit: Thomas Whiteside/Courtesy of Elle Magazine Photo: Nicki Minaj Shows That the Eyes Have It in Elle Magazine, April 2013

Do you feel that? It’s the seismic shift Nicki Minaj has caused this season on American Idol 2013! Normally, we’d say this is a good thing but we’re not quite so sure when it comes to Her Minajesty.

From the pre-season profanity-laced feud with fellow judge
Mariah Carey to showing up late to a live show, the rapper-turned-Idol-judge has caused quite a stir. So many are likely asking should Nicki Minaj be replaced on American Idol 2014?

Like we always do, we’re weighing in on this topic, although our opinion has changed over the last few weeks. While were initially of the mindset that all press is good press, we’ve now come to realize that the masses are truly calling for her departure.

As The Hollywood Reporter recently scooped, the target demographic for the American Idol audience is a “Midwestern, Southern, older woman who is threatened by Nicki’s aggressiveness.” Wow!

We also recently gave our two cents in an article called “Five Ways American Idol Could Make a Comeback,” and a lot of you weighed in on the comments that Nicki needs to go, and not let the door hit her in the ample bootie!

So there  we said it. We think Nicki Minaj should be replaced for American Idol season 13. What do you think?


Credit: The Hollywood Reporter Photo: Nicki Minaj Defends Her American Idol Judging Style