Is Kree Harrison still on track to possibly make the American Idol 2013 finale this season? We’re predicted she could be the girl to win it all on Season 12 and so far she hasn’t given us much reason to doubt she’s a strong contender for the crown.

Our love of Kree is shared by many, including the American Idol judges, who seem to think she’s one of the strongest competitors this year among the finalists. Last week, Kree’s performance of “With A Little Help From My Friends” by the Beatles was one of the judges’ favorite songs of the week. Nicki Minaj noted that Kree always seems to make the perfect musical choices for her voice and she’s becoming a “superstar” right in front of our eyes. Mariah Carey teased that she “didn’t think it was good,” she thought it was “fan-friggin’ tastic!”

Could Kree be the next American Idol winner? Watch her rendition of Aretha Franklin's "Don't Play That Song" from the Season 12 Top 8 performance show and let us know what you think!


American Idol 2013 Kree Harrison Season 12 Top 8 Performance:

Credit: FOX Photo: Watch American Idol’s Kree Harrison Sing “Don’t Play That Song” in Season 12 Top 8


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