Did you know Jim Carrey has a grown-up daughter? Jane Carrey — who’s also a mother and… a waitress? — revealed herself at the San Diego auditions. Jennifer managed to make it all about her: “Do you remember me? I was one of the Fly Girls!” she asked, referring to her shared connection with Jim Carrey: In Living Color. (We remember, Jennifer. And so does You Tube.) Jane sings “Something to Talk About,” and while we think she’s just okay, the judges decide to let her through. Nepotism at its best.

Credit: You Tube Photo: Watch Jim Carrey’s Daughter Jane Carrey Sing “Something to Talk About” in the American Idol Season 11 San Diego Auditions on January 22, 2012
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX Photo: The Judges Approve in Season 10, Episode 9: Hollywood Round 2

Kyle Crews and Aubree Dieckmeyer. How appropriate that such nautical names should make it Hollywood Week during the American Idol Season 11 San Diego auditions — which took place aboard the USS Midway. Why have people sing on an aircraft carrier amongst blaring horns and echo-y acoustics? Who cares! Season 11! Ahoy and so forth.

We love the Top Gun theme song as much as the next Iceman fan, so we didn’t mind too much that it was played over the screaming auditioners who waited in the California sun to board the boat. First to walk the gangway was Ashley Robles, the mother of one delightfully adorable backup dancing daughter and a Whitney Houston fan. She sang “I Will Always Love You” and sailed through to Hollywood Week. Yes, there will be many boat puns.

Credit: You Tube Photo: Watch Ashley Robles Sing “I Will Always Love You” in the American Idol Season 11 San Diego Auditions on January 22, 2012

Finally, we have Jason Hamlin, who prefers to go by “Wolf.” He’s big and bearded, we won’t argue. While he starts off with “Midnight Special,” it’s his guitar-accompanied Johnny Cash song that gets the trio of judges excited. Ow ow awooo! The wolf man is moving on, which earns him a kiss from Ryan Seacrest.

Credit: You Tube Photo: Watch Jason “Wolf” Hamlin Kiss Ryan Seacrest and Sing “Midnight Special” in the American Idol Season 11 San Diego Auditions on January 22, 2012

Next up came a man who used a lot of words but said very little. Basically, be true to your plan A and you’ll never need a plan B to make it to Charlie’s factory. Look for Jayrah Gibson to spout off more confusing motivational speeches and sing smooth R&B jams during Hollywood Week. He will also likely continue to hit on Jennifer Lopez, her moneymaker, and her side ponytail at every opportunity. Why doesn’t anyone ever make eyes at Randy Jackson, we want to know!

Credit: You Tube Photo: Watch Jayrah Gibson Sing “Just Friends” in the American Idol Season 11 San Diego Auditions on January 22, 2012

After a quick montage of contestants who weren’t wordsmiths enough like Jayrah to warrant much screen time, we move onto Aubree Dieckmeyer, who really, really wants to be America’s Next Top Model. Uh, she means American Idol, right? Let’s try that three or four more times. After she finally figures out what show she’s auditioning for, Aubree’s rendition of “Feeling Good” convinces the judges that the flavor of her voice and upstairs/downstairs transitions (we’re just trying to interpret what Steven Tyler said) are just too cute to turn down. It’s Hollywood for the Deckmeister.

Credit: You Tube Photo: America’s Next Top Model Wannabe Aubree Dieckmeyer Sings “Feeling Good” in the American Idol Season 11 San Diego Auditions on January 22, 2012

San Diego auditions are over, and the judges disembark from the USS Midway. Next week, we head to Aspen, where auditions will be held in a gondola. You either get a ticket or have to jump from a height of 20 feet and ski home.


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Ali Shields was on Ellen! Oh my gosh! The giddy girl kisses everyone in sight and “ghetto dances” for Randy, though it’s Steven Tyler who she really loves. The judges send her through. How De-Generous.

Yo, bro. It’s time for Kyle Crews, who is super pumped about being in a frat at UC Berkeley. This is going to suck. No wait, appearances are totally deceiving and Kyle’s version of Monica’s “Angel of Mine” (dedicated to J.Lo’s voluptuous lips, naturally) wins unanimous approval from the judges, though they want him to burn his shirt. Hollywood bound, duder.

Credit: You Tube Photo: Watch Frat Boy Kyle Crews Sing “Angel of Mine” in the American Idol Season 11 San Diego Auditions on January 22, 2012