Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: The Season 10 Top 13 Contestants Arrive at the American Idol Finalist Party

Here’s some cool spoiler-y news from the American Idol Twitter-verse today. Idol fans will have the week of April 7 to look forward to, both because they’ll see Contantine Maroulis performing (yay!), and one of the show’s infamous “theme weeks” (yay?). But before you groan over the advent of theme weeks, read Constantine’s tweets:

@ConstantineM Still a chance to sing from @RockOfAges on @AmericanIdol on april 7th.. What you think I should do?
@ConstantineM Also.. Its Rock n’ Roll Hall of fame week.. What you think I should outside @RockOfAges? Has to be from HOF artist.

Wow, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame theme! Sounds pretty awesome. And while this theme is clearly very broadly defined and not super theme-y, it should bring about some great performances. And guess which Idol-affiliated band just happens to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Uh, that would be Aerosmith! We’ve already heard rumors that they’ll be performing on the show. Could this be the week?

Source: Twitter