American Idol 2013 Top 20 contestant Angela Miller is following in a former contestant's footsteps.

Angela has quickly become a fan favorite, thanks to her Hollywood Week solo performance of the song she wrote, "You Set Me Free."

Now she's planning to perform a song written by one of last season's contestants. Way to keep it in the family!

On March 5, Angela wrote on Twitter: 

If you love Colton Dixon, you probably know that his fans refer to themselves as "Messengers." That means it looks like we'll be hearing her do one of Colton's songs tonight. Get excited!

The only question now is which song she'll choose. Colton released a new album in January, so it seems safe to assume it will be something off of that. The suspense is killing us.

And Angela is definitely excited about tonight's show, as she also tweeted:

Aww! Try not to get too nervous, Angie.

We know she's going to be amazing tonight  and we're sure Colton's fans will agree.

Source: Twitter