Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Photo: Janelle Arthur in the American Idol Season 12 Top 6 Performance

We’ve been waiting breathlessly to find out what the girls will be singing this week for the “Divas” and “Birth Year” song themes. So many of the themes on American Idol 2013 have been stale and boring. Both of these, in contrast, provided the opportunity for the Top 5 ladies to really stretch their wings.


Which some of them did. And some of them... didn’t.


American Idol Season 12 producer Nigel Lythgoe starting leaking the Top 5 song list on his Twitter feed earlier today in not very subtle messages like: “#Kree is so good “She Talks to Angels” — hint, hint. The Idol Pad posted the full American Idol spoilers list of all the alleged song choices, which we’ve been trying to decide if we should cheer... or cry about.



Amber Holcomb - "Without You" by Badfinger/Mariah Carey

Angela Miller - "Halo" by Beyoncé

Candice Glover - "When You Believe" by Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

Janelle Arthur - "Dumb Blonde" by Dolly Parton

Kree Harrison - "Have You Ever Been In Love" by Celine Dion


Birth Year:

Amber Holcomb - "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?" by Michael Dees/Barbra Streisand (1994)

Angela Miller - "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders (1994)

Candice Glover - "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul (1989)

Janelle Arthur - "When I Call Your Name" by Vince Gill (1989)

Kree Harrison - "She Talks To Angels" by The Black Crowes (1990)


While some of these song choices have us excited about Wednesday evening’s American Idol performances, we’re a bit bummed at some of the picks. Seriously, who wants to hear “I’ll Stand By You” again, no matter how well Angie Miller does it? (Not that we don’t love The Pretenders, but they did record more than one song.) Or another Mariah Carey or Celine Dion ballad?


There are way more “Divas” out there than just Mariah, Beyoncé, Whitney and Celine. We’re not sure “Dumb Blonde” is a song that’s going to win Janelle a pass to the Top 4, but at least Dolly Parton hasn’t been sung to death on American Idol in every bloody season. And honestly, the late 80’s and 90’s were full of amazing music, but we landed on Paula Abdul and Michael Dees/Barbra Streisand? Really?


The American Idol 2013 Top 5 are all amazing singers, so we can only hope that even the songs that worry us will end up being spectacular anyway.


What do you think are the best and worst song choices for this week?