Credit: @RyanSeacrest/Twitter Photo: The Idol Judges Look Serious at the Vegas Press Conference

Check out this press pic of a perky pack of Idol pickers on the set of the Beatles-themed Cirque Du Soliel show, Love. As we dished earlier, the Top 40 AI contestants would perform at the Vegas show at the end of Hollywood Week. Weirdly, the normally exuberant Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson, and host Ryan Seacrest were spotted sitting so politely, as if someone had just leaned over and muttered to the famous foursome, "Shh, quiet! French clowns performing!"

But there's nothing subdued about Tyler's shoes. Seacrest tweeted later about those oh-so-fashionable man-pumps, "Steven Tyler is the only rock star around who can pull off those shoes." If you say so, Ryan. While he may be able to pull them off, we just want him to take them off. And never put them back on. Ever. Again.

Source: Twitter

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