Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. ; Rick Diamond/Getty Images Photo: Carrie or Carie: Who Sang Heart the Best?

American Idol fans who’ve been there since Carrie Underwood’s big break know that when she sang Heart’s “Alone” back in Season 4, it was perhaps her most career-defining moment. The now-famous country star not only had blown-out ‘80s hair, but also wowed the judges and audiences everywhere with this single performance.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Carrie Underwood Performs "Alone" in Season 4 of Idol

But perhaps that all changed last night on X Factor, when 17-year-old Carie Fletcher tackled one of the hardest performances to beat in singing competition history. Even though Simon Cowell was not totally convinced she was memorable enough, the other three judges felt she had major star potential.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Cari Fletcher Performs "Alone" on The X Factor, September 29, 2011 [VIDEO]

Yes, fans. It’s the battle of the Carrie/Carie blondes. Whether you’re a die-hard Idoler or totally believe X Factor is the better show, who do you think gave the better performance?