We didn’t have Phillip Phillips pegged for a romantic after watching him on American Idol, but he’s totally got us convinced after watching this interview!

The American Idol Season 11 champ stopped by radio station 104.3 MYfm in Los Angeles to promote his debut album release of The World From the Side of the Moon.

When conversation turned to the singer’s personal life, Phillip didn’t shy away from talking about longtime girlfriend Hannah Blackwell, whom he’s been dating for four years. Apparently, the two hung out for months before making things official.

“I don’t really get in relationships quick,” said P2 to radio host Sean Valentine. “I like to talk and get to know somebody first. I didn’t even kiss her for a few months.”

Phillip then told listeners all about the fateful night he kissed Hannah for the first time.

“We had just got through with a date,” he said. “I had a lot of fun and everything. I gave her a hug, and I said, ‘Would you mind if I kissed you?’ She said yes, so I freakin’ kissed her, and that’s what happened. It was very magical.”

With Hannah sitting right behind her man during the interview, we’ll bet she felt pretty mushy listening to Phillip relive their inaugural lip lock.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Phillip Phillips Opens Up About His First Kiss With Girlfriend Hannah Blackwell on 104.3 My fm

Source: 104.3 MYfm