On American Idol Season 12 last week, Angie Miller looked great and sounded amazing, but is she still a frontrunner to win the competition? We’re not so sure about that.


Angela Miller blew us away during the girls’ Hollywood Week with the performance of her original song “Set Me Free”. Since then, Angie has been consistently great week after week on American Idol Season 12. She’s had a few total “wow” moments and a lot of strong praise from the judges. However, whenever Angie Miller comes out from behind the piano — she just seems to shine a little less brightly.


We think perhaps Angie just gets too much into her head when she’s not distracted by having to play and sing at the same time. She has a tendency to overdo her performance and lose touch with the emotionally depth of her songs. Candice Glover and Kree Harrison, on the other hand, don’t need a piano as a prop to keep them in the moment. They can both emote like crazy and sing their heads off every time they hit the stage.


We don’t fear Angie Miller will go home this week, but she really needed a killer night to reclaim her spot as a frontrunner to win. Watch her American Idol performances from Top 5 week and let us know if you think she succeeded!


[Videos coming soon! Meanwhile, enjoy Angie’s best American Idol performance from last week below!]


Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Angie Miller Sing The Pretenders’ "I'll Stand By You" in American Idol Top 5 on April 17, 2013
Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Angie Miller Sing Beyonce's "Halo" in American Idol Top 5 on April 17, 2013