Credit: Casey Abrams’ Facebook Photo: Casey Abrams Sings His Heart Out

American Idol alum Blake Lewis skyped in to MTV’s Idol Party Live – a show we love, BTW – to share all his thoughts on Idol Season 10 contestants with host Jim Cantiello and guest commentator Michael Buckley. But because Blake was on the west coast and had not yet been treated with the awesome-fest that was last week’s results show, he wasn’t exactly exploding with enthusiasm like his hosts were. He said some nice things about the Season 10 contestants, notably Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone, as well as judge Jennifer Lopez. But he was less impressed with Haley Reinhart, whom he said seemed “unsure” of herself.

But what Blake had to say about Casey Abrams was so good, we have to give you the quote in full. When asked about the beardy-but-soulful singer, Blake offered this: "I like Casey, [but] I think he's been scaring America. He looks like he's going to punch a baby. I want him to smile. ... Each week he's been screaming."

Wait, wait, wait, wait… Did we hear that right? Did Blake Lewis really just say that Casey looks like he wants to punch a baby? But we can kinda see his point! Casey does need to smile more. This week, it’s time to bring it, Casey!

Source: MTV News