While Breanna Steer managed to impress some of the American Idol judges in the semi-finals with her performance of “Flaws and All” by Beyonce, not all of them found it flawless.
Keith Urban said he loved Breanna’s song choice and she seems to have a knack for choosing the right songs to feature her voice. “You find the right songs that show who you are as a singer,” Keith said. He wants her to dig even deeper though, and find songs that will truly show off who she wants to be as an artist.
Nicki Minaj totally disagreed with Keith’s positive review of the performance. “You sounded like you were straining throughout the entire performance,” Nicki said. She said Breanna should not feel at all comfortable she is not going to be voted off American Idol this week, despite Keith’s comment she should be safe.

Randy Jackson said he doesn’t care what the other judges thought and he’s “agreeing with my own self.” He told Breanna he liked the song choice, but it was a bit safe and there “weren’t enough moments in it.” He thinks she has those moments in her and he wants to see more of them.

Mariah Carey thought it was a “unique song choice” and featured her well because “it’s lyrically very raw and very simplistic. While the song didn’t have a lot of “vocal gymnastics,” Mariah said, Breanna’s whole package says “star quality.”

Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Breanna Steer Sing “Flaws and All” in American Idol 2013 Girls Semi-Finals