Credit: Anthony/Pacific Coast News Photo: Carrie Underwood Walks in Los Angeles on February 7, 2011

Remember when we reported about how some Ottawa morning DJs had said they were banning Carrie Underwood’s music? Their silly claim was that she had stolen her hockey playing hubby Mike Fisher from the Ottawa Senators by making him move to Nashville, where he is now playing for the Nashville Predators. First of all: This is totally not true, as Fisher himself has said in several interviews. Also: The radio station supposedly “banning” Carrie’s music? Totes not even a country music station, so they weren’t really playing her music in the first place, were they? Yeah, that was some ban, fellas…

Well, anyway, Carrie hasn’t let the haters get her down. She has repeatedly voiced her love for Ottawa in response to the ridiculous rumors, and now has scheduled to play in Ottawa’s Capitol Hoedown, a country music festival claiming to be “the largest in North America.” Hmm, maybe she could call in to that radio show and invite her “fans” backstage? She’s such a class act, she just might do it!